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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the IAPB congress website, thank you for taking the time to stop by. It seems almost trite to say that we are living in challenging times. Advances in science and technology have continued apace through the early parts of the 21st century, but still in our ‘global village’ millions of people go hungry every day with millions more suffering from the effects of ‘hidden hunger’. Norman Borlaug, an agricultural scientist, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 for his work and was credited with saving a billion people from starvation. He once said that you can’t build peace on empty stomachs. How to feed a burgeoning world population in the face of global climate change, loss of biodiversity, reduced land and water availability, large scale food waste and emerging pests and pathogens are amongst many of the challenges facing us today. To achieve global food security, in an increasingly insecure world, demands cooperative effort between the public and private sector and strong commitment from Governments worldwide to invest in innovative research and development in areas such as Plant Science.

Founded in 1963, the International Association for Plant Biotechnology (www.iapbhome.com ) is the largest international professional organisation representing the interests of the world-wide plant biotechnology community and has been hosting successful symposia around the world since the early 60’s. It has been almost 25 years since this symposium was last held in Europe and we are excited to be bringing this meeting to a world class venue in the city of Dublin for the 14th IAPB quadrennial symposium from August 19th to 24th 2018 where we promise you a truly memorable experience.

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Join us in Dublin for what promises to be a truly remarkable conference.


Barbara Doyle Prestwich

Congress Chairperson
President, International Association for Plant Biotechnology

Journal of In Vitro Cellular

in vitro

The official publication of the IAPB is the Journal of In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology – Plant.

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Opening of Registration

November 2017

Opening of Abstract Submission

November 2017

Deadline of Abstract Submission

28th February 2018

Notification of Abstract Acceptance/rejection

30th April 2018

End of Early Registration

31st May 2018

Watch the official launch of the International Association for Plant Biotechnology Congress 2018 HERE

Date: Monday 4th September 2017
Time: 12.00pm


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About IAPB

The IAPB or International Association for Plant Biotechnology was founded in 1963.

About IAPB

The Venue

The IAPB2018 Conference will be held in Dublin’s Award Winning Convention Centre.

The Venue

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Access to Ireland is easy, with over 200 flights in and out of the country Daily.

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