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Plant Biotechnology Congress


19th – 24th August 2018



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Liffey Foyer – Level 1


Welcome and Opening Address

Professor Ada Yonath
2009 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry



Welcome Reception

Auditorium Foyer


Keynote 1: Food and Nutritional Security 

Adapting Technologies in Food and Agriculture to Consumer Preferences 

Roger Beachy

Tea & Coffee
EcoCem Liffey Hall 2 Liffey Meeting Room 2 Liffey Meeting Room 3 Wicklow Meeting Room 1
Session 1A
Food and Nutritional Security
Session 1B
In vitro culture and Morphogenesis
Session 1C
Abiotic and Biotic Stress.
Novel Bioproducts and Biopharmaceuticals



Douglas Orr
Improving photosynthesis by installing a b-carboxysome into higher plants
Sergio Ochatt
Phytosulfokine-alpha enhances regeneration and transformation competence in recalcitrant legumes
Haim Trebes
The alga that never read the literature-Fastest growing photodamage tolerant alga isolated from desert crust
Fumihiko Sato
Draft Genome Sequence and Genes Involved in Benzylisoquinoline Alkaloid Biosynthesis in California Poppy
Adi Avni
Plant-based electro-mechanical biosensor for functional precision agriculture
Sumita Choudhary
Physiochemical factors affecting micropropagation of Cucumis callosus (Rottler) Cogn: an important arid fruit
Prem Bhalla 
Up-regulation of Helicase enhances abiotic stress tolerance in canola (Brassica napus)
Antoine Leuthreau
A modulated leaf proteome for the recombinant protein expression host Nicotiana benthamiana

Kim Richardson
High metabolisable energy ryegrass; enhanced photosynthetic efficiency and accumulation of foliar-lipids
Marina Stanilova
Conservation of endemic and endangered medicinal plant species by means of plant biotechnology.
Potjamarn Suraninpong
Transcriptome analysis and aerenchyma formation under waterlogging stress in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) roots.
Bee Lynn Chew
Cell suspension culture of Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus nutans) for the identification of anti-cancer compounds
Anna Nadolska-Orczyk
How TaCKX family genes cooperate in regulation of growth and productivity of common wheat
Ashok Kumar Patel
 Transverse thin cell layer induced micropropagation of Caralluma edulis, an endemic and endangered nutraceutical plant
Brian Murphy 
A fungal endophyte consortium counterbalances the negative effects of reduced nitrogen on barley yield.
Zoe Popper
Plant and Algal Cell Walls as Sustainable Sources of Novel Bioproducts
David Ow
Bioengineered rice with low cadmium accumulation to reduce dietary intake.
Anders Wuff-Vester
Anthocyanin production platform using suspension cultures in custom-made bioreactors.
Mary Christey 
Use of EMS mutagenesis for development of forage brassicas with Tolerance to Sulfonylurea Herbicides
David Alexander Ullisch
Plant Cell Cultures – up to Commercial Scale Production of Actives.

Keynote 2: In vitro culture and Morphogenesis

Design of Experiments (DOE) —History, Concepts, and Relevance to In Vitro Culture.

Randy Niedz

Tea & Coffee

Keynote 3: In vitro culture and Morphogenesis

Plant hormones and regeneration: Moving from spray-and-pray approach towards understanding the molecular regulatory pathways

Prakash Kumar

EcoCem Liffey Hall 2 Liffey Meeting Room 2 Liffey Meeting Room 3 Wicklow Meeting Room 1
Session 2A
Food and Nutritional Security
Session 2B
In vitro culture and Morphogenesis
Session 2C
Abiotic and Biotic Stress.
Session 2D
Novel Bioproducts and Biopharmaceuticals
Session 2E
New Plant Breeding Techniques
Nigel Taylor
Biofortification of cassava storage roots to reach nutritionally significant levels of iron and zinc
Farhana Afroze
Seed Viability and micropropagation of some commercial eucalyptus species in Ireland
Benjamin Dugdale 
Transgenic Cavendish bananas with resistance to Fusarium wilt tropical race 4.
Bushra Hafeez Kiani
Metabolic engineering of Artemisia annua with rolABC genes forenhanced production of potent anti-malarial drug artemisinin
Ewen Mullins
Ensifer Mediated Transformation (EMT), a novel engineering platform for crop genomes
Amita Agarwal
Food and Nutritional Security in India
Barbara Reed
An Improved tissue culture medium for hazelnuts
Teresa Koller
Pyramiding of transgenic Pm3 alleles in wheat results in improved powdery mildew field resistance
Rita Abranches
Modulation of Medicago Cell Suspension Cultures for Enhanced Recombinant Protein Production
Keiko Midorikawa
Investigation on Invasion Pathway in Intact Plants of Peptide-DNA complex for Gene Delivery
Singh Jaswinder
Genomic dissection of an important QTL in barley
Irina Mitrofanova
In vitro somatic embryogenesis of relict endemic species Heracleum ligusticifolium
Sebastian Schornack 
Legume cell wall-mediated resistance to a filamentous root pathogen
Ying Pei Wong
Anti-Neuroinflammatory Effect of Orientin in Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Bv2 Microglial Cells
Goetz Hensel
Generation of new barley mutant alleles of LIPOXYGENASE 1 using CRISPR RNA/Cas9-endonuclease technology

Keynote 4: Plant Nutriomics

Food is about Healthcare; Medicine is about Sick-care. The importance of plants in our diets.

Cathie Martin

Tea & Coffee
EcoCem Liffey Hall 2 Liffey Meeting Room 2 Liffey Meeting Room 3 Wicklow Meeting Room 1
Session 3A
Plant Nutriomics
Session 3B
In vitro culture and Morphogenesis
Session 3C
Abiotic and Biotic Stress.
Session 3D
Novel Bioproducts and Biopharmaceuticals
Session 3E
New Plant Breeding Techniques



Jean-Yves Paul
Golden bananas for Uganda
Leor Eshed Williams
The molecular mechanism underlining callus cells competency to regenerate
Erin Sparks
Bracing for Impact: Engineering aerial roots to withstand climate change
Heiko Rischer
Food from Plant Cell Cultures!?
Lanqin Xia
Harnessing CRISPR-mediated precision genome editing technologies for crop improvement
Yongpyo Lim
Genome-wide association analysis of Glucosinolate and potential candidate genes in Chinese cabbage
M. Seguí-simarro 

Ca2+ alteration affects embryogenesis-specific callose and cellulose deposition during cell wall formation in microspore embryogenesis.
Pedro Sansberro
Ilex paraguariensis Reconfigure the Root Transcriptome and Metabolome in Response to Drought.
Mohammad Reza Safarnejad
Developing of specific single chain antibody fragments (scFv) against Xanthomonas citri using phage display technology
Richard Moyle
INTtrait – Intragenic New Breeding Technology for the Introduction of Production and Consumer Traits

Mee-Len Chye
Manipulation of isoprenoid biosynthesis in transgenic food crops
Stephen Amoo
Meta-Topolins and Its Derivatives in African Medicinal Plants Micropropagation – A Magic Bullet?
Caitlin Simopoulos
Local adaptation in the extremophile Eutrema salsugineum: Exploring the role of putative lncRNAs
Elizabeth Hood
Manganese peroxidase from the corn grain production system remediates azo-dyes and other chemicals
Binghua Wu
Structure of Pigment Metabolic Pathways and Their Contributions to Tepal Color Formation of Chinese Narcissus
Graham Manson
An Explanation of the Effect of light on Plant Growth and Nutritional Uptake
Gea Guerriero
Valorizing a neglected fibre crop: transcriptomics of stinging nettle (Urtica dioica L.) stem tissues.
Tuan-hua David Ho
Role of a Stress-induced Intrinsically Disordered Protein on the Establishment of Drought Tolerance in Rice
Peadar Macgabhann
Cost Effective Sample Management in the Cloud
Jochen Kumlehn
Site-directed genome modification in cereals using RNA-guided Cas-endonucleases – from targeted mutagenesis to precise editing
Kui Lin-wang
Differential light responses of apple peel and cortex of ‘Royal Gala’ and its transgenic lines
Pierre Hilson
Mitochondrial respiratory chain dysfunction promotes in vitro morphogenesis in plant tissues
Iris Heidmann
Pollen analysis made easy
Invitro International
Science & Technology in India: Ancient, Independent & Resurgent India
Takashi Okamoto
Genome editing in rice by direct delivery of preassembled CRISPR-Cas9 vectors or ribonucleoproteins into zygotes

Keynote 5: Plant Microbiome

Plant microbiota from rhizosphere to seeds: ecology and how plants can benefit

Angela Sessitsch

Tea & Coffee
EcoCem Liffey Hall 2 Liffey Meeting Room 2 Liffey Meeting Room 3 Wicklow Meeting Room 1
Session 4A
Plant Microbiome
Session 4B
In vitro culture and Morphogenesis
Session 4C
Abiotic and Biotic Stress
Novel Bioproducts and Biopharmaceuticals
Session 4E
New Plant Breeding Techniques
Tracy Raines. AgBiome: Harvesting the Plant Microbiome Isabel Mg Padilla. A cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.) isolation and protoplast culture protocol suitable for transient gene transformation Motselisi Jane Koetle. Characterisation of sugarcane (Saccharum hybrids) mutants tolerant to imazapyr. Dagmar Stengel. Algae as a source of high-value products – recent advances and outstanding challenges Janine Croser. Manipulation of light spectral composition enhances accelerated generation turnover across a range of species.
Darren Heenan Daly
An Investigation of Rhizobacterial Volatile Organic Compounds to Promote Growth and Genetic Transformation in Potato.
Carolina Camacho Fernández
Comparison of six different methods to calculate cell densities
Dmitry Miroshnichenko
Engineering of Jasmonate Biosynthesis Pathway in Wheat
Fikisiwe Gebashe
Biological activities, safety evaluation and phytochemical analysis of grasses used in South African traditional medicine
Sang-soo Kwak
Functional Study of Sweetpotato Orange Gene and Its Biotechnological Applications
João Martins. Strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo L.) pathogen resistance: the role of the mycobiome Azzreena Mohamad Azzeme
Phenolics reduce lethal browning and enhance growth of in vitro banana seedlings
Sheza Khilji
Trace Elements and Antioxidant Analysis of Lemongrass Growing in Different Concentrations of Tannery Sludge.
Irina Tarasenko Expression of human Granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) in transgenic duckweed (Lemna minor L) plants Muhammad Sohail
Improved Agrobacterium-mediated maize (Zea mays l.) genetic transformation by using mature embryo explants
Patrick Schwinges
Functionalizing plant surface for sustained plant protection
Juan Pablo Arias
Cardiac glycoside production in plant cell suspension culture of Thevetia peruviana at bench bioreactor scale
Andres M
Application of biotechnological tools for crop protection of coffee varieties in Costa Rica
Mala Agarwal
Scientific evaluation of selected medicinal plants of India as a source of bioproducts and biopharmaceuticals
Lev Elkonin
Transgenic Sorghum with Improved Digestibility of Endosperm Proteins
Colin Bell
The promise, possibilities and challenges of enhancing plant productivity with microbial biostimulants
Harvinder Cheema
In vitro fern culture as an excellent system for morphogenesis
Asad Jan
Comprehensive functional characterization of CCCH tandem zinc finger protein genes in rice
Tariq Khan
Enhanced antibacterial silver nanoparticles synthesis through Melatonin and Thidiazuron supplemented callus cultures of Fagonia indica
Ramkumar Thakku
Transcriptome-wide identification and in silico characterization of DEAD-box helicase family in model orchid Phalaenopsis equestris




Dedicated Poster Session

Liffey B

Keynote 6: Public Understanding of Science

Assessing the impact of nutrition-sensitive agricultural biotechnologies

Hugo de Groote

Keynote 7: Public Understanding of Science

Rethinking Science Communication-Building Acceptance of Innovation with Public Engagement

Kevin Folta

Tea & Coffee
EcoCem Liffey Hall 2 Liffey Meeting Room 2 Liffey Meeting Room 3
Session 5A
Public Understanding of Science
Session 5B
In vitro culture and Morphogenesis
Session 5C
Abiotic and Biotic Stress
Session 5D
In vitro culture morphogenesis


Arie Altman
Coevolution of Scientific-Technological Innovations and Human Culture: GM Plants as a Case Study
Barbara M Reed
Improving growth of in vitro plants using DOE: practical aspects.
Tariq Khan
Strategies for the elicitation of important anticancer secondary metabolites in cell cultures of Fagonia indica
Meriem Mdarhri Alaoui
Induction of rhizogenesis of in vitro culture of cuttings of Argania spinosa (L).Skeels.
Edouard Idrissa Rachid
Comparative Assessment of Farmers’ Understandings towards adoption of GM varieties in Burkina Faso and Kenya
Mosharraf Hossain MOlla
Regeneration and Transgenic Development Efficiency Studies in High Yielding Potato Varieties of Bangladesh
Daina Simmonds
Identification of novel Sclerotinia sclerotiorum virulence factors for development of disease control in soybean
Moemen Hanafy
Antioxidant and anticancer activities of organic Extracts from hairy roots of Catharanthus roseus

Ewen Mullins
Communicating to address perceptions around plant breeding technologies: experiences from the ‘AMIGA’ GM potato study
Itziar Montalbán
Hormonal profile of radiata pine somatic embryos and plantlets generated under different environmental conditions
Sharmila Chattopadhyay
Multistep interplay of glutathione with salicylic acid and ethylene to combat inevitable environmental stress
Anil Kumar
In Vitro Propagation- Investigating the Less-investigated Aspects
Acram Taji
Importance of science in creating innovative global workforce
Rachana Dinesh
Somatic embryogenesis in female plants of Phoenix dactylifera selected for arid conditions of Rajasthan, India.
Ali Marjani
Expression pattern analysis of ACC synthase and EREBP genes in response to drought stress
Mubarak Khan
Tailoring the photocatalytic activity of Zinc oxide nanoparticles in callus cultures of Ajuga bracteosa
Shane Morris
Cannabis – Governing a New Reality and Novel Products: Lessons from Canada
Sergio Ochatt
Cytomics and morphometry of tobacco cells expressing the C-terminal domain of the clathrin heavy chain “
Paul Martial Tene Tayo
Effect of oyster’s shells soil amendment on Theobroma cacao seedling growth and resistance against Phytophthora megakarya (causal agent of black pod disease) in nurseries
Tom Eeckhaut
Protoplast based plant breeding: Cichorium, a case study
Keynote 8: Abiotic and Biotic Stress

Beyond single genes: receptor networks underpin plant immunity.

Sophien Kamoun

Tea & Coffee
EcoCem Liffey Hall 2 Liffey Meeting Room 2 Liffey Meeting Room 3
Session 6A
Food and Nutritional Security
Session 6B
In vitro culture and Morphogenesis
Session 6C
Abiotic and Biotic Stress
Session 6D
New Plant Breeding Techniques
Raquel Sánchez-Pérez
The domestication of bitter almonds.
Matilda Bissah
In vitro propagation of Cryptolepis Sanguinolenta
Tjaša Lukan
Potato virus Y was detected outside the cell death zone in the hypersensitive response-conferred resistance
Roger Thilmony
GAANTRY, a versatile and robust Agrobacterium-based gene stacking system generates high quality transgenic plants.
Mosharraf Hossain Molla Phylogenetic Analysis of Forage and Cereal Species Using Chloroplast Gene: matK and rbcR Sandra Correia
Proteomic and transcriptomic profiling of embryogenic competence acquisition in tamarillo somatic embryogenesis
Nigel Taylor
Progress and Challenges for deploying RNAi Resistance to Cassava brown streak disease
Iris Koeppel
A modular vector system for RNA-guided Cas endonucleases
Anusha Pulavarty
Investigating the impact of Alltech crop science formulations on root-knot nematode infestation in tomato plants
Pedro Pablo Gallego
Designing new culture media for pistachio combining design of experiments and neural networks tools
Tatyana Savchenko
Improvement of plant stress tolerance through modulation of the oxylipin pathway in Arabidopsis and wheat.
Vadim Timerbaev
Generation of marker-free tomato and apple plants expressed the supersweet protein
Jitendra Prakash
Application of Commercial Tissue Culture Technologies in the Production of Double Haploids for Crop Improvement
Sudhersan Chellan
Native Plant Production Through Immature Seed Culture Technique for Desert Rehabilitation.
Dilip Shah
Antifungal plant defensins: mechanisms of action and engineering disease resistance
Takeshi Yoshizumi
Development of transplastomic spectinomycin-sensitive Arabidopsis using a fusion peptide.
Joe Croke
Recent Advances in Phenomics use in High Value Crop Production Quality Assurance
Cristian Nicolás Mendoza Peña
A novel genotype-independent technique for successful micropropagation of Jatropha curcas adult plants: TCL from Petioles
Ana Pelacho
In vitro ecotoxicity assessment of leachates from agricultural biodegradable plastic and paper mulches on plants.
Tomas Cermak. Multiplex genome editing enables creation of a novel crop through de novo domestication.
Dinner – Mansion House

Keynote 9: Novel Bioproducts and Biopharmaceuticals

Commercial or clinical development of enzymes and biopharmaceuticals expressed in plant chloroplasts

Henry Daniell

Tea & Coffee

Keynote 10: Novel Bioproducts and Biopharmaceuticals

Coupling photosynthetic electron transport to metabolic engineering

Poul Erik Jensen

EcoCem Liffey Hall 2 Liffey Meeting Room 2 Liffey Meeting Room 3 Wicklow Meeting Room 1
Session 7A
Novel Bioproducts and Biopharmaceuticals
Session 7B
In vitro culture and Morphogenesis
Session 7C
Abiotic and Biotic Stress
Session 7E
New Plant Breeding Techniques



Lawrence Webb
Exploring tropane alkaloid production in commercial species of Duboisia myoporoides x Duboisia leichardtii
Jorge Canhoto. Somatic embryogenesis for cloning the endangered species Bellevalia dubia Caspar Langenbach
Secondary metabolite scopoletin controls crop disease
Jedrzej Szymanski
The wild metabolism of domesticated tomato – multi-omic analysis of a Solanum lycopersicumpennellii introgression population
Jihong Liu Clarke
Lettuce-produced hepatitis C virus E1E2 heterodimer triggers immune responses in mice and antibody production after oral vac
Sylvia Mitchell
Tropical Plant Biotechnology at the Biotechnology Centre: Development of micropropagation and somatic embryogenesis protocols
Sergio Ochatt
Nuclear migration is a morphological marker for acquisition of salt stress resistance in vitro.
Samir Debnath
In Vitro and Molecular Approaches Combined with Conventional Methods to Improve Small Fruit Crops

Veena Agrawal
In vitro Bioassay guided Isolation, characterization and elicitation of anticancerous bioactive compounds from Cullen corylifolium.
Maria Jenderek
Application of in vitro culture in potato (Solanum L.) improvement and preservation
Ying Miao
A tripartite feedback of WHIRLY1, SA and H2O2 affects leaf senescence, cell death in Arabidopsis
Godelieve Gheysen
Transgenesis in nature: T-DNA from Agrobacterium is present in sweetpotato and its wild relatives

Keynote 11: New Plant Breeding Techniques

Biotechnology Approaches to improving photosynthesis

Christine Raines

Tea & Coffee

Keynote 12: New Plant Breeding Techniques

Mutation of a Plant Myb Transcription Factor Increases Susceptibility to Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation

Stan Gelvin

EcoCem Liffey Hall 2 Liffey Meeting Room 2 Liffey Meeting Room 3 Wicklow Meeting Room 1
Session 8A
Abiotic and Biotic stress – In vitro culture and Morphogenesis –
Session 8B
In vitro culture and Morphogenesis
Session 8C Abiotic and Biotic Stress Session8D
In vitro culture and Morphogenesis
Session 8E
New Plant Breeding Techniques
Amrita Ghosh
Phenolic/flavonoid content and antioxidant activity during somatic embryogenesis of highbush and lowbush blueberry plants.
Haibo Wang
A novel methodology of controlling cell division and differentiation
Yanfei Zhou
Unlocking how an extraordinary plant pigment combats salt stress
Itziar Montalbán
Low cost method to preserve embryogenic cell lines for long periods
Raj Deepika Chauhan
Gene Editing in Cassava for Herbicide Tolerance and Disease Resistance
Mohammad Ali
In vitro morphogenic potential and antioxidant activity in Carthamus oxyacantha
Jiri Sedlak
In vitro multiplication of edible saskatoon Amelanchier alnifolia
Patricia Corral Martínez
From microspore to embryo: how to get stressed and survive to tell
Joseph Croke
Further investigation of the origin of Somatic Embryo in Pelargonium
Murray Boase
Genetic transformation protocols as a foundation for genome editing of ornamentals
Dary Mendoza
Methyl jasmonate/salicylic acid enhanced flavonoid production and change metabolites profile in Thevetia peruviana cell culture
Pedro Pablo Gallego
Designing new culture media for plant using artificial intelligence tools
Manoj Prasad
Role of epigenetics and proteasomal pathway gene(s) in combating virus infection in plants
Sandra Cichorz
Current Insights into Gametic Embryogenesis of Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.)
Vibha Srivastava
 CRISPR-Cas9 mediated gene editing in rice for fast track variety development
Closing Ceremony and Awards

Plenary themes and topics


Food and Nutritional Security

– Sustainable Intensification
– Application to the Developing World
– Alternative Food Crops
– Economics

Public Understanding of Science

– Biosafety
– Regulation
– Labelling
– Societal Aspects including Economics

New Plant Breeding Techniques

– Plant Synthetic Biology
– Gene Pyrammiding
– Plant Transformation Techniques

Plant Microbiome
Plant Pathology

– Nutrient Uptake
– Plant Growth Promotion
– Biological Control
– Rhizo/Phyllosphere

In vitro culture and morphogenesis

– Micropropagation
– Regeneration and Acclimation
– Root and Shoot Architecture
– Bioreactors
– Cryopreservation and in vitro storage

Abiotic and Biotic Stresses

– Climate Change
– Pathogenesis
– Multiple Stress Responses

Plant nutriomics

– Biofortification
– Food Quality
– Anti-nutritive agents
– Post-Harvest Quality and Food Storage

Novel bioproducts and biopharmaceuticals

– Biofuels
– Bioplastics
– Biosynthetic pathways
– Secondary Metabolites

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IAPB Association Meeting

Wednesday 22nd August

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Gala Dinner

Thursday 23rd August

Plenary Lectures
Concurrent Sessions
Poster Viewing & Exhibition
Industry Workshops
Closing Ceremony, Prize Giving and Lifetime Achievement Award.

Friday 24th August

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